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Acid Pool Wash | Everything you wanted to know about Acid Pool Washing

Dispelling the myths around acid washing concrete swimming pools.

Question - I have read that it is better to use chemicals to remove staining without draining the pool and that draining and acid washing a pool will damage it.  Is this true?

Answer - This is not true and if the acid wash is done properly, it will remove far more staining than any expensive chemical packs. The argument is acid will damage the pool. Well, what exactly do you think is in these expensive chemical packs? It wouldn't be an acid would it?? Be sure to ask what the active ingredient is before heading down this path. You are generally still using an acid base in chemical kits to remove staining when your pool is full of water.

Question - Isn't it cheaper to use a chemical pack to remove staining from my pool rather than draining it to do an acid wash.

Answer - You might think you are saving money but after you use these chemical packs (sometime multiple times) you also have to rebalance your pool. The only extra cost in a drain and acid wash is the water which is generally around $200 for the average size pool.

Question - Can I use my pool straight after an acid wash.

Answer - Yes. Unlike treating your pool with chemicals to remove staining. Acid washing is instant with no downtime to rebalance your old water. There is also no waiting for your old pool water to be safe enough to swim again. Drain, Wash and Swim.

Question - Will my pool pop out of the ground if I empty it?

Answer – No. This can only happen if you don’t have a hydrostatic valve. This is the white plug looking device in the deep end of your pool which all pools these days are required to have. A hydrostatic valve relieves pressure if ground water is present under the concrete shell of the pool when draining.

Question - Will acid washing my pool remove too much concrete around the pebbles of my pebblecrete?

Answer - No. The layer of concrete being washed away is less than half a millimetre leaving more than enough concrete to bind the pebbles in the pebblecrete surface. The acid mixture is diluted.

At the end of the day if you want instant results proper acid washing is the quickest and more economical way to remove staining. Pool technicians are not in the business of damaging your pool surface and most like us do it professionally with proper systems and PPE to protect ourselves and your pool. 

Gold Coast Pool Repairs specialises in acid pool washing. Chemical exposure, calcium scale and organic matter can leave your pebblecrete pool looking stained and dull. Treat your pool with an acid wash. You will be surprised how good your pool can look after an acid wash. Use our Get Quote form for a fast quotation on Acid Pool Washing.

Pictures speak for themselves.

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