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Pebblecrete Repairs

Pebblecrete is made up of a variety of different size pebbles and is mixed in with cement then washed out to expose the pebbles in the mix. Along with different sized pebbles you can also use different colour cements such as white or off white cement depending on the look that you are after. Additionally you can add glass beads or oxides to the concrete mix.

Getting the texture and the colour just right takes a lot of practice and experience.

Pebblecrete repairs is not as easy as slapping on the mix for a patch. You first have to prep the surface by acid etching, pressure washing and use special bonding agents so that the new pebblecrete will properly adhere to the existing surface.

To get a neat finish you also need to be able to mesh in the new patch so that it looks natural and doesn't stand out against the original surface.

Once you have got the patch sitting flat and meshed into the existing surface you will need to wait for just the right time to wash off the cement to expose the pebblecrete mix. Great care needs to be taken to ensure you don't wash out too much concrete otherwise the patch is likely to loose body and fall out of the hole you were trying to fix. Leaving you with the decision to have another go or call a professional and get the job done right.

If this all sounds a little bit out of your expertise we are happy to provide you a free quotation to have your pebblecrete repaired.

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