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Repair Crack In Concrete Swimming Pool

If you have discovered a crack in your concrete swimming pool the first thing to do is don't panic! It can be fixed.

Gold Coast Pool Repairs have successfully repaired hundreds of swimming pools over the years from swimming pools that have ruptured and were loosing water to pools that have cracked all the way from the bottom of the pool right through the pool tiles and exposing the steel work to chemically treated water leading to rust and eventually concrete cancer. See our video Is The Rust In Your Pool The Start Of Concrete Cancer?

The first step in repairing a cracked pool is to drain the pool and closely inspect what has caused the pool to crack?

  • Is there tree roots causing the problem?

  • Is there movement in the pool structure?

  • Is the crack superficial or structural?

  • Are you loosing water?

  • Is there rust visible?

  • How far does the crack run?

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